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I often find that I know more about the charms and new releases than the store salespeople do. I find it odd and disappointing that pandora’s training for their salespeople is so poor. It’s almost as though they don’t want the salespeople to have the information so they Pandora Birthstone Charms UK Sale won’t reveal too much about releases, especially future ones, to their customers. If so, that is ridiculous because there are so many other places we can get the information, including, in no small part, from Ellie’s blog. When I ask questions about future releases, the concept store staff pretend to know nothing. It can be a confusing situation, but I think Pandora likes the secrecy. I don’t think it’s helpful to their business at all.

I am intrigued to see the floating locket, but to me the lettering on it looks the wrong way around. Maybe as it reads anti-clockwise instead of clockwise? There is more in this collection I like Pandora Rose Gold Charms Sale UK than I remember from previews. Love the origami crane, prince & princess, gleaming gift & ‘I love reading’. I like seeing more clips in the older style. Also like the 2 tone bracelet.