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Forum: Macro Economia - Politica Economica - Politica

Sezione dedicata alla situazione dell'economia nazionale e mondiale , alla politica economica e alla politica in generale.

  1. Is this microscope good for starting microphotography?

    Hello everybody, I am very impressed with what you show on this platform. Being a macrofotographer for some years now, I would like to try some...

    Iniziata da JensenBreck, Oggi  10:44
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  2. Any advantages of reversed lens over macro lens?

    Hello, Now and then I'm intrigued by people who use reversed lenses for macro photography. Any advantages of this over using a macro lens? Would...

    Iniziata da JensenBreck, 11-16-2017 15:02
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  4. Hard times for Bitcoin?

    Hello, Bitcoin's volatility is now known to everyone, so a value drop is nothing new. On the other hand, the stricter regulation on ICOs and local...

    Iniziata da JensenBreck, 11-10-2017 10:53
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    • Visite: 130
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  18. Classic name plates add on?

    Hello, I just recently came back and I'm having a hard time getting used to the new name plates. I miss the simpler old ones. Is there any add ons...

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